Photo Stamp Support

Getting Started

Open the photo that you wish to stamp.

Press Ctrl-O or drag and drop a file over the thumbnail area of the application.  Photo Stamp supports files in JPEG format:

Adding a text overlay (watermark)

Type in some text in the Stamp Mask text box and click on Add Stamp Mask to Stamp Text List. 

You can also use the Build Stamp Mask button to select from a list of pre-defined text (including EXIF data).

In addition, you can type some text directly in the Text Preview box. Note that this text will not be saved when saving the profile and it will be replaced with the stamp text if you open a new file or if you change the options.

Saving the photo with watermark

You can use the File, Save or Save as functions to save your modified photo with text overlay.  Not that if you use Save, your original photo will be overwritten.

Photo adjustments and special effects

Photos can be adjusted  directly in Photo Stamp:

Photo adjustment  controls


Photo Effects

Photo Stamp also provides some special effects that can be applied to the photo. From the main menu, select Photo then Effects

Formatting the text

The overlay text can be formatted using the format toolbar controls:

Format controls

Positioning the text on the photo

There are two ways you can position text of your photos.

Stamp Text Attribute Management

Once set, the text attributes (typeface, color, position, etc.) will be saved automatically each time you exit Photo Stamp. There may come a time when you want to have more than one set of attributes to accommodate different photo types. ProSoft Photo Stamp allows you to export stamp attributes into files that can be imported back at a later time.


Note that if you import an attribute file and exit Photo Stamp, theses attributes will become the new default.


EXIF Date Time

There are three EXIF date fields and one general date format. By default, these fields display 

both the date and time and use a semi colon as the separator.

The EXIF Date and Time Options allows you to format each date time field to a different preset.


General Options

By default, photo adjustments and effects will be kept whenever you open a new file or use the batch stamp feature of Photo Stamp. You can change this behaviour with the general options.


Photo Options

Text Options

Additional features

Full Screen Preview

The Full Screen Preview mode will display your photo in its actual size (or best fit mode). This option is found under the Photo menu.


Print allows you to send your photo to the printer.

Check for Updates

This feature enables you to look for new versions of Photo Stamps. New versions usually include additional features and bug fixes.  Updates within the same main version number are provided free of charge.

Batch stamp

The Batch Stamp tool provides an automated way to apply stamp attributes to multiple photos.

The Batch Stamp Processing form will display the current status of the process and when completed, allow you to open the destination folder or view the result log.


The Result Log can be useful to resolve any issues encountered during the batch stamp process.

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